WEBINAR: How to Get Hired Fast With Less Competition

Date: 4/7/20 10:46 AM - 4/7/20 11:40 AM

Our presenter, Bill Lins CPC, has consulted thousands of job seekers' along with assisting hundreds of corporations on hiring top talent in his over 30 years in the employment consulting profession. The information shared on these webinars has assisted over 1/3 million job seekers in taking the guesswork out of finding employment fast. Why not you? Our webinars are fun and educational. Or as we like to say an "edutaining" experience.

In this FREE webinar, we will learn:

  • Where most of the hires are (not from job boards)
  • Top 3 reasons why the decision-maker will hire you
  • Making an interview a conversation, not an interrogation