Literacy Services

The Cobb Literacy Council was founded on the hope we could change the direction of Cobb County's future. Approved in July 2001 to be a part of the Certified Literate Community Program, an initiative of Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education, we officially reached our goal September 2008 of increasing the levels of at least 51% of 100,000 in need. CobbWorks Literacy Council serves Cobb County by developing and promoting resources to increase literacy in the community and workplace. We strive to accomplish this by the following activities:
  • Expanding literacy classes and resources in Cobb County
  • Offering services to those most in need
  • Providing education for families and the workforce
  • Supporting existing service providers of adult literacy to fulfill community needs in education.
  • Increase awareness of literacy concerns in Cobb County


The literacy council does more than support GED classes. We offer scholarships, provide dictionaries, support elementary literacy programs, provide digital literacy classes and so much more. We understand that literacy success starts early on in education and by impacting literacy at all levels we can truly make a difference in our community.


  • $2,500.00 was awarded in scholarships for Graduate Marietta Student Success Center at Marietta High School. The scholarships provided students entering technical schools to gain certifications or technical degrees.
  • Adult enrichment classes for WIOA training

Family Literacy

  • $2,900.00 was awarded to YELLS Parent Scholars program. The funding was used to purchase five laptops to help parents with with their job search as well as provide tools for digital literacy classes.

Early Childhood

  • $500.00 was awarded to Lockheed Elementary School to support literacy intervention efforts for significantly remediated rising 2nd grade stduents.
  • $500.00 was awarded to Park Street Elementary for the Early Literacy Homebound program which provides books for students with non-school age siblings to promote literacy at home.

Workplace Literacy

  • TechSavvy classes for basic level computer users
  • Entrepreneur workshops
  • Financial literacy workshops

Other Literacy Resources

Here you will find useful websites where you will find information on literacy issues and activities.

Adult Literacy

  • - free lesson plans and educational resources
  • - online resources for teachers

Free Worksheets


math worksheets


Test Preparation


Dictionary Project

The Literacy Council has distributed over 40,000 dictionaries to elementary schools throughout Cobb County as a part of The Dictionary Project, a non-profit with the goal of assisting all students in becoming good writers, active readers, creative thinkers, and resourceful learners by providing them with their own personal dictionary.

Are You Smarter Than A 10-Year-Old?
A Day Without Being Able to Read
Dictionary Project

"In the brief time I have been volunteering with the GED program, I have seen real changes in some of the students' lives. Helping to give these students another chance has been both rewarding and fulfilling."

- Alice N., volunteer tutor

"With the assistance from WorkSource Cobb/CobbWorks scholarship I have completed my first semester at Chattahoochee Technical College. The scholarship gave me an opportunity to purchase my books and pay fees. I am thankful for WorkSource Cobb/CobbWorks and plan to continue my commitment to earn my college degree."

- A. Wilson

"This is a program that teaches and inspires. It recognizes the special needs of those who have decided to take full advantage of a second chance."

- Ted M., volunteer tutor

"Support given to The Center for Family Resources' GED program has allowed the program to grow tremendously. By supplying materials, tutors and testing fee scholarships the literacy program has helped over 300 students to earn their GED and countless others raise their literacy levels."

- Gail F., CFR GED Instructor

" I am overwhelmed with positive feelings after leaving Cobb Works today. The staff is beyond patient and supportive...It is not every day that you witness exceptional customer service from everyone with whom you come in contact. I commend you and your staff for placing (your staff) in that position where they can guide and help people who may be down on their luck and seeking a new job or career."

- Michelle B., customer

"Thank you for helping me with my résumé. My previous résumé failed to properly display my experience and education in a way that would grab the attention of employers. I now feel more confident and excited about applying for positions."

- Terry, customer

"Very pleasant customer service at the door with wonderful smiles."

- T. King, customer