GED Graduation

On December 16th at 11:00 A.M. five students graduated from the Adult High School Diploma Program. Friends and family, as well as the CobbWorks staff joined in celebration of the graduation to congratulate the successful participants. Each one of them had the opportunity to share the stories of their personal journey of getting their high school diploma. It was a highly emotional event, however, one that CobbWorks continues to be proud of. After the event, everyone celebrated with food and treats, and spoke to their families as well as staff on the work they have done. Furthermore, one of the eight GED students graduated on Tuesday, with two others passing three parts of the four-part exam, two others passed two parts of the exam, and everyone was within two to eight points of passing all parts. Again, CobbWorks congratulates the graduates on the hard work they have put in, and wishes them to best on the rest of their journeys, with continued support from us!